*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Hi everyone!

On my way to Thailand! Was actually supposed to be there already but got a cold a few days ago so had to delay the trip a day.

Personally there's nothing worse than being stuck to the bed for 2 days. Its soo boring! At least I got to go through all these amazing illustration books I got for xmas...the history of Lanvin and Alber Elbaz was one of my favorites. He's certainly one of the most creative and brilliant designers out there. I'm also geared up to watch Valentino's documentary which was a nice little last minute arrival from Santa before the flight.

Wait a minute, did the captain really just say the flying time is 17.5h hours? I think I might need a few more documentaries than one!

Speaking of xmas, Santa certainly didn't disappoint! At all! As a matter of fact he happens to have very good taste! But I am glad the Holidays are over...there is only so much jingle bell songs I can take. And if you live in the States all the decoration and festive begin in the middle of November which is way too early and exaggerated in my opinion but of course it gets you excited.

Anyways my off season has been really good! I'm definitely excited to get back out there and play again. My arm has been feeling really strong and I'm finally going to have a consistent physical therapist next year. He's been part of my team in the last couple years but only part time.

Well that's all I've got for now!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Successful New Year.

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