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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

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1й круг, Стенфорд

*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
Шарапова: Сугиями: 6:4, 6:7, 6:1.

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Мария Шарапова: "Предстоящие турниры станут для меня определяющими"

**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
Россиянка Мария Шарапова, выступающая сейчас на турнире в Стэнфорде заявила, что следующие несколько турниров станут для нее определяющими.

"Сейчас мне нужно скорее забыть свои прошлые неудачи. Предстоящие турниры станут для меня определяющими. Я хочу выигрывать. Хочу снова испытать вкус победы, но я не могу сказать, когда это произойдет. Возможно, что наберу форму не раньше, чем через полтора месяца", – цитирует Шарапову "Советский спорт".

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*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

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*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

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*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

The draw for Maria's 1st hardcourt event of 2009 at the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford has been released and Maria will face Ai Suigyama of Japan in the 1st round . This match will be played on Monday night at 19.00 PT.

Maria has played the Japanese player 3 times before and leads the series 3-0 . The last meeting was at Wimbledon last year which Maria won in straight sets - they have never played before on hardcourts.

The 1st seed Maria can meet is #5 seed Nadia Petrova of Russia in the 2nd round.

This is Maria's 1st appearance in Stanford and she has no points to defend next week.

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Шарапова: никогда не теряла веру

**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
После поражения во втором круге Уимблдона экс-первая ракетка мира Мария Шарапова спустя почти месяц вновь вышла на корт, сыграв в рамках лиги World Team Tennis сразу три поединка - одиночный, парный и в миксте. Немудрено, что интерес в Ньюпорте со стороны прессы к восстанавливающей былые кондиции чемпионке был повышенным.

- Мария, как сейчас обстоят дела с вашей травмой? - Замечательно. Я отправилась в Европу и была там в течение семи недель. А затем пришлось вернуться раньше, чем планировалось. Конечно, я немного разочарована, это был жeсткий матч [с Хиселой Дулко во втором круге]. Но была очень счастлива, как вела себя моя [травмированная] рука. Я вернулась, пошла на работу. Я вновь на корте и начала играть!

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Maria had a busy night as she helped the Newport Beach Breakers win the WTT tie against the Kansas City Explorers in Newport Beach, California. Maria played singles, doubles and mixed doubles and scored 3 wins out of 3.

In the doubles, Maria and her partner Julie Ditty of the United States scored a 5-2 win over Eugenie Bouchard and Meghann Shaughnessy.

Maria and Kaes Vant Hof were next up against Dusan Vemic and Bouchard in the mixed doubles and scored a 5-2 victory.

In Maria's third and final appearance of the night for the Newport Beach Breakers she played singles against Shaughnessy and won 5-4.

Maria's next tournament will be the Bank of the West Classic in Stanford which will begin on Monday.

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Maria is featured in the August edition of Instyle Magazine and talks about her love of jewelry. In the article Maria talks about her taste in jewelery and her favorite gem which is a diamond.

Here is the article:

When Maria Sharapova famously kissed her Wimbledon trophy in 2004 after becoming the third youngest champ to win that tournament, the 17-year-old was sporting long diamond earrings and her lucky cross necklace. Life continues to sparkle for the three-time Grand Slam winner, who has very definite opinions on jewelry and exactly how to wear the many pieces she owns.

How would you describe your taste in jewelry?
Eclectic. I'm all over the place! I like what's easy to wear because my life is very casual - gold or silver pieces by Marco Bicego, John Hardy, Shamballa and David Yurman. But for a red carpet event I like to play it up and layer necklaces or wear a big pair of earrings.

Do you have a favorite gem?
A diamond - it's my birthstone. I love pearls too, but you have to wear them in the right way. I save them for special occasions.

What about costume jewelery?
I shop flea markets for it. And I love the costume pieces fashion designers create for their collections.

You've always been one of the chichest players on the tour. Every year you get more daring in your clothing designs with Nike, and you recently collaborated on jewelery with Frank Gehry for the US Open. How was that?
I've always loved architecture, plus I own, like, half of the jewelery line he does for Tiffany. So we had a great meeting: He knew the pieces had to be light and move when I moved so they wouldn't be distracting. The earrings look perfect with my tennis dress.

You're an athlete but have a serious glam side - like the diamond tiara you rocked for your 21st birthday party.
I went into Tiffany to look at jewelry and there was something really cool about it. I want to get married in one!

Click here to see the scans from the magazine.

Click here to go to the InStyle Website.

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

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*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Hello Hello!

Summer has finally arrived and I can't tell you how much I love this time of year. Well maybe not the 115 degree weather that I was in a couple weeks ago in Scottsdale, but overall I like everything about it. Everyone is outside enjoying the summer... speaking of which, not sure what's going on but there's a huge baby boom in MB....every woman is either pregnant or wheeling around a baby.

I have been training quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, trying to build a good base for the summer, especially my strength and conditioning. I usually never like to do running/sprint workouts but I'm actually learning to appreciate them. The worst part about them is that there's no way to make it easier, especially when you have a heart rate monitor, which sadly never lies.

Apart from working, I took a 2 day trip to Lake Arrowhead last weekend...it is such an oasis up there...I don't do anything but read (my latest book was The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga, really recommend it), ride around on the boat and listen to Madonna in full blast. I even tried fishing this time, which I learned is a total bore.|

My collection for Cole Haan is coming out end of August and I cannot wait to see it in stores! It's so strange to see something that has been worked on for the whole year, to be finally hitting stores in less than a month. The response from magazine editors has been really positive. The first collection is not too big...only 2 pairs of heels (one which I have already worn to a couple events), 3 boots (the over the knee boot is my fave), and ballet flats in great colors. There are a few different bags as well! (The Hobo is so cool!!) Can you tell how excited I am!! I am writing this as I'm sitting at my fave hole in the wall reflexology place after a long day of practice....why are those types of places always the best!?

Anyways I have a World Team Tennis match coming up in a few days...those are always very fun and entertaining! I never forget how much experience I gained from playing all those matches when I was younger. Oh I've also been meaning to tell you guys how awesome it was to meet Frank Gehry and work on my earrings for the US Open. He has been one of my all time favorite architects and I was so excited when he started making jewelry for Tiffany. I ended up going to his studio a few months ago which was completely surreal! He showed me around all the different sections of his studio, not to mention there were about a 100 of different projects he was working on at the same time! Those are the days where I just have to pinch myself to make sure it's not a dream. Alrighty I'm done with my treatment and headed home for a nice home cooked meal and some good quality mattress time!

Oh and check out my friends new show www.directv.com/thewanted .....I can't wait to watch it with popcorn in hand!!

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*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Уимблдон 2009, 1й круг

*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
Шарапова: Кутузова : 7:5, 6:4

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Как сложится Уимблдон для Маши?
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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Q. Michael Stich said today that lady tennis players shouldn't grunt because it makes them unsexy, and sex appeal is the main selling point of women's tennis. Do you have an opinion on that?
MARIA SHARAPOVA: No, I don't really have an opinion. I've been out of this game for such a long time that my focus is just to go out on the court and play tennis and do my job.
My job is to go out there and perform and do the best that I can. At the end of the day, it's all about winning and losing for me.

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*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Maria will begin her Wimbledon campaign on Monday on Court 1 against Viktoriya Kutuzova of the Ukraine. Maria has never played Kutuzova before.

The weather forecast is looking good as there doesn't appear to be any rain on the horizion on Monday. This match will start at 13.00 local time (8.00ET & 5.00PT).

Click here for live scores.

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*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**


*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Уимблдон 2009

**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
Wimbledon have seeded Maria #24 for the 3rd Grand Slam of the year which begins on Monday. Despite being ranked 59th the tournament decided to move her up as a former champion.

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
Маша 59ая ракетка.

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