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Расписание Маша на 1ю половину 2010 года

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Maria will start 2010 with 2 exhibitions. The 1st exhibition Maria will play will be the Hua Hin Centennial Invitation in Thailand against Venus Williams on January 2nd. Maria will then travel to Hong Kong which will run from January 6-9. Maria is in Team Russia with Vera Zvonareva and Marat Safin and they will play Team Asia-Pacific on January 6th.

Maria will then spend a week preparing for her 1st Grand Slam 2010 at the Australian Open which begins on January 18th in Melbourne.

Memphis is Maria's next stop as she make her first appearance there since 2004. Memphis will begin on February 15th and is a International $220K event played indoors.

Maria will then play the 2 big Premier Mandatory events in at Indian Wells and Miami on hardcourts. They will begin on the 8th and 24th March respectively.

The clay court season for Maria will begin in Charleston on 10th April where she will making her 3rd appearance on the green clay courts there. Maria will make one stop on red clay in Madrid on 7th May before the 2nd Grand Slam of the year at Roland Garros on Paris which will start on 23rd May.

Maria will be making her 6th appearance on the grasscourts of Birmingham on 7th June and she will play her 3rd Grand Slam at Wimbledon in London on 21st June.

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Maria is featured in the January/February edition of Harpers Bazaar Australia and talks about fashion on and off the court and her range of TAG Heuer sunglasses.

Here is the article:

She's Got Game


Hermes might have themed it's most recent runway show around retro tennis, but the modern game has even greater power to shape your wardrobe. Just as the looks on the runway dictate what will be in store next season, so too do the outfits worn during grand slam tennis tournaments by the likes of Maria Sharapova, who returns to Melbourne this January looking to her second Australian Open title.

"I pretty much know what I'll be wearing (on court) and what colour, a year in advance because the clothes have to go to retail (at the same time)." she says of the tennis dresses she helps Nike designers create and the match-friendly Tiffany & Co. earring she wears for each Grand Slam tournament.

Unlike some tennis pin-ups, the impossibly long-legged 22-year-old, who is the highest paid female star in sports history, actually bags major titles as well as her endorsement deals with the likes of TAG Heuer, Tiffany & Co. and Cole Haan, all of which have also involved her in the design of their wares.

"If you think that fashion on the tennis court is wacky now, look at photographs of the players 50 years ago - it's so out there." she says Chris Evert played in white dresses with such amazing details and embroidery. Feeling comfortable on the court and knowing that you look good and feel good in what you wear is so important. It really makes you attack."

Sharapova may have the figure to carry off a Preen micro-mini, but during down times, she prefers to be elegantly comfortable, wearing men's watches because they "are such a cool statement piece" and gravitating to low key, classic fashion pieces like the Rick Owen jackets and pants that she wears "on rotation every season. I (also) love Isabel Marant and Chloe - that effortless French vibe. And I'm a huge fan of Stella McCartney. Her clothes fit me really well and ... I love that she isn't afraid to experiment. That has inspired me."

"When I wake up in the morning, my first priority is tennis, but the fact that I have the opportunity to create things such as my tennis dresses and sunglasses is fun and I'm certainly no afraid to fail at it."

The sunglasses for TAG Heuer (on sale this month) are one of her most hands-on design projects yes. "(It) gave me the opportunity to be creative and work with some really talented people," she says.

"We did two pairs - one is more casual, the kind you could wear every day, the other is a little bit more sophisticated." The kind that spectators might wear to watch her at the Australian Open? "Yes," she laughs. "If you want to show off."

Click here to go to the Harpers Bazaar Australia Website.

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Maria is featured in the December issue of M2 Woman New Zealand magazine and talks about a variety of things including moving from Russia to Florida as a child and her work as a UNDP ambassador.

Here is the interview:

In 2004, at just 17 years of age, the tennis prodigy, Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon. A journey to sporting stardom that had begun ten years earlier when she left her home of Russia as a seven-year-old to train in the US. A world away from her childhood life, Sharapova is now a sporting icon, a model, a TAG Heuer ambassador and a United Nations Development Project Goodwill Ambassador.

It must have been a hard time for you and your family when as a seven-year-old child you moved from Russia to Florida to train at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Did you have in mind then what it was all for, what you were making such sacrifices for?
Moving to the US was not easy for my family. t was really hard for my father and I to be away from my mother for two years. This was the worst part of the move by far but once my mother arrived and we were all together as a family, it did not matter where we were. I think the best part of the move was that it was the right move for me, my family believed in my talents and they brought me to a place that would allow me to reach all my dreams.

Do you feel like you missed out on just being a child?
I honestly would not change a thing about my childhood. Tennis has brought me so many things, has exposed me to so many different cultures and has allowed me to travel the world to meet so many great people. I am a very lucky girl.

Where do parents draw the line between helping and supporting their children and putting too much pressure on them?
I cannot answer for someone else. Speaking simply for myself, my parents were there all the way through to support me and help me make my dream come true. The dream of becoming a tennis champion was mine and not theirs. I am very proud of what my family did for me. I am just so amazed and grateful that my parents had so much confidence in my ability at a young age. They took a risk that many people would never take.

Going back to 2004 when at the age of 17 you defeated Serena Williams to win Wimbledon. How do you handle such pressure at such a young age? How do you keep focused?
I think winning Wimbledon at 17 made me more mature faster. But besides this, I do not think I would be any different than I am today. Tennis has remained my priority all the way through.

What advice would you have for the rest of us when we need to stay alert and focused in times of pressure?
It is not only about staying alert and focused. If you work really hard, your dreams can come true. I am living proof. I am just like all those kids out there with a big dream. I hope that I am able to inspire them.

You have become a big ambassador for Chernobyl recovery projects. Just how for has the region's recovery come?
I am very proud of all the work I am doing in the Chernobyl region with the UNDP. This is more rewarding than anything else I am doing. I just set up a scholarship fund in the region and I will continue to do as much as I can for the young people of the region. The region is still suffering from what happened over 20 years ago and the main work now is to change people's perception from victims to survivors, give them the will to change things, to rebuild.

How important is it to you to retain your Russian citizenship?
I am Russian, I have a Russian passport, both my parents are Russian. I play with the Russian Team at the Fed Cup. I speak Russian wilh my family. Living in the USA is, for me, like for any person from another country living here: you learn, you adapt, you take the things you like and leave others behind.

Do you think you might go back to Russia to live?
I cannot tell at this point. I don't know what Iam doing tomorrow. As long as I am happy and healthy, and doing what I love, I could live anywhere in the world.

Knowing now, the feeling of being the best in the world, of being world number 1, does that make it harder now to put aside the setbacks with physical injuries and get back to the top? Is that hunger to be number I as strong as it has ever been?
While I have been out injured the past few months, it has made me realise how much I miss competing. This huge desire to be back on the court, competing at the highest level has just motivated me to work extra hard on my shoulder rehab, in the gym and on the tennis court. I have never been more "hungry" to compete.

How much of being one of the world's best athletes comes down to basic natural talent and how much of it is hard work and practice?
I really think that without hard work and practice, a God-given talent is nothing. I do not know if anyone in sport or in any discipline who made it to the top without lots of hard work. This is what you can control. Not the talent itself.

You have been described by many as one of the world's most beautiful athletes. You've even been described as the Marilyn Monroe of sport. Do you think this takes away at all from what you have achieved as a sportswoman?
I never worried much about my physical appearance, I had no control over this. I think once I won Wimbledon at age 17, many people started to notice my tennis and I did get some attention for my physical appearance. All I can say is that I want to be remembered as a great tennis champion, nothing else.

What is next for you?
Obviously, tennis, tennis and tennis. I am completely focused on my game. On the sponsor front. TAG Heuer are launching my co-designed line of fashion sunglasses, so be on the look out!!

Why did you decide to become an ambassador to TAG Heuer?
TAG Heuer and I, we really share the same values. They are a brand that keeps on reinventing itself, keeps on innovating, keeps on fighting for their position. They never take things for granted and keep challenging their craft.

How do you maintain a healthy workllife balance?
Tennis has always remained my top priority. You can ask any of my sponsors, I will never accept any commitment that could hurt my training or tennis. I have a great ability to say no! Now, we can say that the WTA tour schedule leaves me about 20 free days a year... I simply make the most of those 20 days.

What do you enjoy doing when not playing tennis?
I enjoy designing! I have been designing outfits with Nike, and I am now working on my own handbag collection with Cole Haan, which I am really excited about. My long-time relationship with TAG Heuer allows me also to work on designing watches and sunglasses.

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given?
My parents just always taught me to give my best in whatever I was doing, so I had no regrets. This was in school. tennis or anything that I am doing. I try to apply this to all aspects of my life.

Can we expect to see you in New Zealand any time soon?
I really hope I will be able to visit one day. I have heard and seen so many beautiful things about your country. Unfortunately, the last time I was in Australia and won the
tournament, my obligations did not allow me to take the time to go there. I hope the next time will be the right one.

Click here to go to the M2 Woman New Zealand Website.

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Машин дневник

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Hi everyone! On the plane heading back home...I was definitely mistaken when I thought that South America was just a hop, skip and a jump from the States. Oh no...more like planes, trains and automobiles!

Good thing is that I'm on the last leg of the journey!

The trip went really well, although Gisela and I were glad there wasn't a third event...3 in 3 different countries would have been too much. I was pretty amazed at how organized and well run everything was...the match in Brazil was played at a beautiful resort about an hour and half outside of Sao Paulo. They built this incredible indoor court for mainly VIP's of the resorts owner...I kept saying they built this whole arena just for a tennis match!? Those are the moments when I have to pinch myself.

Surface was a little rough but all in all pretty spectacular. We also got a police escort from the airport which looked something out of a Bond movie...it was actually the first time that Michael would have prefered a helicopter...and that's saying a lot!!

The match in Chile was open to the public and we had a full house in a court that was built in the middle of the park...it was our first match of the season so Gisela and I were quite excited to play in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

The highlight of the trip...yep you knew it was coming....wait for it...the food!! I would kill for a good recipe for that cheese bread (Gisela promised to bring me her recipe to Hong Kong) and that thinly sliced meat off the grill!

And unlike in the States, the portions are not humongous, so you don't feel like you ate for 2 after every meal (which of course Mike and Max were not very happy with...God forbid they skip a meal). Michael was missing in the stands during the Brazil match... We decided it was best not to ask questions but we did find an empty plate of cheese bread in the waiting room which was not so empty when we left to play the match...whoopsies!

Some random notes:

So there I am reading the new book by Dan Brown 'Lost Symbol' as I was getting treatment after one of my matches in Japan...all of a sudden my name...not Maria but Maria Sharapova is in the book ...around page 74! Almost fell off the table!!

After Japan and China, I went to Napa for a week. One of the best vacations ever! It was all planned last minute and I dragged all my girlfriends out of their daily activities and we had such a good time. There is a restaurant there called the French Laundry which everyone has been raving to me about over the years...not only did we get a reservation but we got a tour of the kitchen....4 hours and 20 pounds later we rolled out of there like a sourdough bread roll!! We went to a place where you pour your own olive oil into glass canters, picnicked at one of the most beautiful vineyards Quintessa, and had endless conversations in our outdoor living room looking out into the wild...so relaxing!!

The U2 concert a few weeks ago was one of the coolest performances anyone will ever get to see...they are simply amazing!

Well its Christmas time again...and my room is a total upside down workshop. The massage table is now used as a wrapping table. The night stands are card holders. The bathroom has become a fed ex office. Its quite a scene!

Anyways I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season full of many great memories, laughs, and of course great presents!!

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Машин тур по Южной Америке

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Мария Шарапова - самая богатая спортсенка России по версии журнала "Финанс."

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Журнал "Финанс." обнародовал список из 25 самых высокооплачиваемых спортсменов России по итогам 2009 года. В него вошли 16 хоккеистов, пять футболистов, один баскетболист и три теннисистки. Одна из них - Мария Шарапова - сохранила титул самой богатой спортсменки России.

Доход экс-первой ракетки мира по сравнению с прошлым годом, по оценкам "Финанс.", снизился на 1,5 миллиона долларов до 24 миллионов долларов. Из них на корте Шарапова заработала 0,9 миллиона, остальное - это поступления от рекламных контрактов. У большинства других участников рейтинга основной, а порой и единственный, источник дохода - контракт со спортивным клубом.

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Выбираем лучшее платье на корте 2009

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The Lawn Tennis Association of Thailand under the patronage of His Majesty the King and the city of Hua Hin are proud to present the Hua Hin Centennial Invitation tennis match between tennis superstars Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams.

The Hua Hin Centennial Invitation will be held at Centennial Park, Hua Hin on Saturday 2 January 2010 to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the seaside resort and usher in the New Year in exciting fashion with two of the most popular tennis players in the world.

Maria Sharapova and Venus Williams have been two of the most dominant presences in women's tennis for the last decade. Between them they have won an amazing 10 Grand Slam, and 61 WTA, singles titles. Their rivalry is intense and their head-to-head record stands at three wins each.

Maria will be celebrating New Year's Eve at the new InterContinental Resort, Hua Hin and said, "I am delighted to be able to spend my New Year in Hua Hin, Thailand. I am sure it will be an exciting time and I am looking forward to competing in the Centennial Invitation."

Venus is also looking forward to competing in Thailand again. "I have very fond memories of my previous visits to Thailand and am really looking forward to returning for the Centennial Invitation match in Hua Hin," she said.

President of the Lawn Tennis Association, Mr. Suwat Lipatapanlop said he was delighted that the two tennis superstars had chosen to start their new year in Thailand. "Maria and Venus are amazing players and fantastic people, and they were delighted to have the opportunity to return to Thailand to play for the Thai people and celebrate the new year in Hua Hin," Khun Suwat added.

After their singles match, Maria and Venus will combine with local stars Paradorn Srichaphan and Danai Udomchoke for a set of mixed doubles.

Tickets for the Hua Hin Centennial Invitation go on sale at all Thaiticketmajor outlets and Major Hua Hin from 21 November.

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Саша Вуячич подтвердил, что встречается с Марией Шараповой

Защитник баскетбольной команды «Лос-Анджелес Лэйкерс» Саша Вуячич, прозванный «Сашапова», подтвердил, что встречается с Марией Шараповой.

«Да, и я счастлив. Все замечательно», – цитирует Вуячича Tennis Week.

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Шарапова в Южной Америке – теннис, мода и благотворительность

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Россиянка Мария Шарапова планирует проявить себя в нескольких ипостасях в рамках турне по Южной Америке, которое состоится в начале декабря. В ходе тура Шарапова посетит два крупнейших города континента: 2 декабря – Сантьяго (Чили), 5 декабря – Сан-Паулу (Бразилия). Там россиянка проведет выставочные матчи с аргентинкой Гиселой Дулко.
Кроме того, Шарапова представит в этих городах свое шоу модной одежды, а также примет участие в благотворительных акциях вместе с молодыми местными теннисными дарованиями.
Первоначально в программу турне входила и поездка в Аргентину, однако она была отменена из-за финансовых проблем у организаторов, сообщает РИА Новости.

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Наряды Маши - 2009

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The T-Mobile and Sony Ericsson Maria Sharapova Look-a-like contest (31st Oct)

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Маша празднует победу в Токио

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Пекин, players party

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3йь круг, Пекин

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Шарапова: Пенг: 2:6, 4:6

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2й круг Пекин

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Шарапова: Азаренко: 6:3, 6:7, 7:5
Матч продолжался 3 часа 6 минут!

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Пекин -2009

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Во 2м круге Маша сыграет с Викторие Азаренко. Матч состоится завтра.
В этом году они уже встречались, и Маша выиграла в 3х сетах.
Пожелаем Маше удачи!

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Маша прилетела в Пекин

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*Мария Шарапова*