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Maria is featured in the January/February edition of Harpers Bazaar Australia and talks about fashion on and off the court and her range of TAG Heuer sunglasses.

Here is the article:

She's Got Game


Hermes might have themed it's most recent runway show around retro tennis, but the modern game has even greater power to shape your wardrobe. Just as the looks on the runway dictate what will be in store next season, so too do the outfits worn during grand slam tennis tournaments by the likes of Maria Sharapova, who returns to Melbourne this January looking to her second Australian Open title.

"I pretty much know what I'll be wearing (on court) and what colour, a year in advance because the clothes have to go to retail (at the same time)." she says of the tennis dresses she helps Nike designers create and the match-friendly Tiffany & Co. earring she wears for each Grand Slam tournament.

Unlike some tennis pin-ups, the impossibly long-legged 22-year-old, who is the highest paid female star in sports history, actually bags major titles as well as her endorsement deals with the likes of TAG Heuer, Tiffany & Co. and Cole Haan, all of which have also involved her in the design of their wares.

"If you think that fashion on the tennis court is wacky now, look at photographs of the players 50 years ago - it's so out there." she says Chris Evert played in white dresses with such amazing details and embroidery. Feeling comfortable on the court and knowing that you look good and feel good in what you wear is so important. It really makes you attack."

Sharapova may have the figure to carry off a Preen micro-mini, but during down times, she prefers to be elegantly comfortable, wearing men's watches because they "are such a cool statement piece" and gravitating to low key, classic fashion pieces like the Rick Owen jackets and pants that she wears "on rotation every season. I (also) love Isabel Marant and Chloe - that effortless French vibe. And I'm a huge fan of Stella McCartney. Her clothes fit me really well and ... I love that she isn't afraid to experiment. That has inspired me."

"When I wake up in the morning, my first priority is tennis, but the fact that I have the opportunity to create things such as my tennis dresses and sunglasses is fun and I'm certainly no afraid to fail at it."

The sunglasses for TAG Heuer (on sale this month) are one of her most hands-on design projects yes. "(It) gave me the opportunity to be creative and work with some really talented people," she says.

"We did two pairs - one is more casual, the kind you could wear every day, the other is a little bit more sophisticated." The kind that spectators might wear to watch her at the Australian Open? "Yes," she laughs. "If you want to show off."

Click here to go to the Harpers Bazaar Australia Website.

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Maria is featured in the December issue of M2 Woman New Zealand magazine and talks about a variety of things including moving from Russia to Florida as a child and her work as a UNDP ambassador.

Here is the interview:

In 2004, at just 17 years of age, the tennis prodigy, Maria Sharapova won Wimbledon. A journey to sporting stardom that had begun ten years earlier when she left her home of Russia as a seven-year-old to train in the US. A world away from her childhood life, Sharapova is now a sporting icon, a model, a TAG Heuer ambassador and a United Nations Development Project Goodwill Ambassador.

It must have been a hard time for you and your family when as a seven-year-old child you moved from Russia to Florida to train at the Nick Bollettieri Tennis Academy. Did you have in mind then what it was all for, what you were making such sacrifices for?
Moving to the US was not easy for my family. t was really hard for my father and I to be away from my mother for two years. This was the worst part of the move by far but once my mother arrived and we were all together as a family, it did not matter where we were. I think the best part of the move was that it was the right move for me, my family believed in my talents and they brought me to a place that would allow me to reach all my dreams.

Do you feel like you missed out on just being a child?
I honestly would not change a thing about my childhood. Tennis has brought me so many things, has exposed me to so many different cultures and has allowed me to travel the world to meet so many great people. I am a very lucky girl.

Where do parents draw the line between helping and supporting their children and putting too much pressure on them?
I cannot answer for someone else. Speaking simply for myself, my parents were there all the way through to support me and help me make my dream come true. The dream of becoming a tennis champion was mine and not theirs. I am very proud of what my family did for me. I am just so amazed and grateful that my parents had so much confidence in my ability at a young age. They took a risk that many people would never take.

Going back to 2004 when at the age of 17 you defeated Serena Williams to win Wimbledon. How do you handle such pressure at such a young age? How do you keep focused?
I think winning Wimbledon at 17 made me more mature faster. But besides this, I do not think I would be any different than I am today. Tennis has remained my priority all the way through.

What advice would you have for the rest of us when we need to stay alert and focused in times of pressure?
It is not only about staying alert and focused. If you work really hard, your dreams can come true. I am living proof. I am just like all those kids out there with a big dream. I hope that I am able to inspire them.

You have become a big ambassador for Chernobyl recovery projects. Just how for has the region's recovery come?
I am very proud of all the work I am doing in the Chernobyl region with the UNDP. This is more rewarding than anything else I am doing. I just set up a scholarship fund in the region and I will continue to do as much as I can for the young people of the region. The region is still suffering from what happened over 20 years ago and the main work now is to change people's perception from victims to survivors, give them the will to change things, to rebuild.

How important is it to you to retain your Russian citizenship?
I am Russian, I have a Russian passport, both my parents are Russian. I play with the Russian Team at the Fed Cup. I speak Russian wilh my family. Living in the USA is, for me, like for any person from another country living here: you learn, you adapt, you take the things you like and leave others behind.

Do you think you might go back to Russia to live?
I cannot tell at this point. I don't know what Iam doing tomorrow. As long as I am happy and healthy, and doing what I love, I could live anywhere in the world.

Knowing now, the feeling of being the best in the world, of being world number 1, does that make it harder now to put aside the setbacks with physical injuries and get back to the top? Is that hunger to be number I as strong as it has ever been?
While I have been out injured the past few months, it has made me realise how much I miss competing. This huge desire to be back on the court, competing at the highest level has just motivated me to work extra hard on my shoulder rehab, in the gym and on the tennis court. I have never been more "hungry" to compete.

How much of being one of the world's best athletes comes down to basic natural talent and how much of it is hard work and practice?
I really think that without hard work and practice, a God-given talent is nothing. I do not know if anyone in sport or in any discipline who made it to the top without lots of hard work. This is what you can control. Not the talent itself.

You have been described by many as one of the world's most beautiful athletes. You've even been described as the Marilyn Monroe of sport. Do you think this takes away at all from what you have achieved as a sportswoman?
I never worried much about my physical appearance, I had no control over this. I think once I won Wimbledon at age 17, many people started to notice my tennis and I did get some attention for my physical appearance. All I can say is that I want to be remembered as a great tennis champion, nothing else.

What is next for you?
Obviously, tennis, tennis and tennis. I am completely focused on my game. On the sponsor front. TAG Heuer are launching my co-designed line of fashion sunglasses, so be on the look out!!

Why did you decide to become an ambassador to TAG Heuer?
TAG Heuer and I, we really share the same values. They are a brand that keeps on reinventing itself, keeps on innovating, keeps on fighting for their position. They never take things for granted and keep challenging their craft.

How do you maintain a healthy workllife balance?
Tennis has always remained my top priority. You can ask any of my sponsors, I will never accept any commitment that could hurt my training or tennis. I have a great ability to say no! Now, we can say that the WTA tour schedule leaves me about 20 free days a year... I simply make the most of those 20 days.

What do you enjoy doing when not playing tennis?
I enjoy designing! I have been designing outfits with Nike, and I am now working on my own handbag collection with Cole Haan, which I am really excited about. My long-time relationship with TAG Heuer allows me also to work on designing watches and sunglasses.

What is the best piece of advice that you have been given?
My parents just always taught me to give my best in whatever I was doing, so I had no regrets. This was in school. tennis or anything that I am doing. I try to apply this to all aspects of my life.

Can we expect to see you in New Zealand any time soon?
I really hope I will be able to visit one day. I have heard and seen so many beautiful things about your country. Unfortunately, the last time I was in Australia and won the
tournament, my obligations did not allow me to take the time to go there. I hope the next time will be the right one.

Click here to go to the M2 Woman New Zealand Website.

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Maria is featured in the August edition of Instyle Magazine and talks about her love of jewelry. In the article Maria talks about her taste in jewelery and her favorite gem which is a diamond.

Here is the article:

When Maria Sharapova famously kissed her Wimbledon trophy in 2004 after becoming the third youngest champ to win that tournament, the 17-year-old was sporting long diamond earrings and her lucky cross necklace. Life continues to sparkle for the three-time Grand Slam winner, who has very definite opinions on jewelry and exactly how to wear the many pieces she owns.

How would you describe your taste in jewelry?
Eclectic. I'm all over the place! I like what's easy to wear because my life is very casual - gold or silver pieces by Marco Bicego, John Hardy, Shamballa and David Yurman. But for a red carpet event I like to play it up and layer necklaces or wear a big pair of earrings.

Do you have a favorite gem?
A diamond - it's my birthstone. I love pearls too, but you have to wear them in the right way. I save them for special occasions.

What about costume jewelery?
I shop flea markets for it. And I love the costume pieces fashion designers create for their collections.

You've always been one of the chichest players on the tour. Every year you get more daring in your clothing designs with Nike, and you recently collaborated on jewelery with Frank Gehry for the US Open. How was that?
I've always loved architecture, plus I own, like, half of the jewelery line he does for Tiffany. So we had a great meeting: He knew the pieces had to be light and move when I moved so they wouldn't be distracting. The earrings look perfect with my tennis dress.

You're an athlete but have a serious glam side - like the diamond tiara you rocked for your 21st birthday party.
I went into Tiffany to look at jewelry and there was something really cool about it. I want to get married in one!

Click here to see the scans from the magazine.

Click here to go to the InStyle Website.

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Шарапова еще далека от своего идеального состояния

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Шамиль Тарпищев рассказал о возвращении Марии Шараповой на корт.

- Шамиль Анвярович, столь быстрый прогресс Шараповой Вас не удивляет?

- Маша - на правильном пути. Она начала формировать свой стиль игры и возвращать прежние кондиции в грунтовом сезоне, в частности на "Ролан Гаррос", и продолжает гнуть с эту линию сейчас - на быстрых покрытиях. Здесь, двух мнений быть не может - стиль игры Шараповой больше подходит именно под реактивные корты, поэтому она старается найти себя на траве.

- С чем может быть связана ее столь нестабильная игра, я бы сказал, волнообразная? Так было и на "Ролан Гаррос" и вот теперь в Бирмингеме в матче с Викмайер были провалы...

- Это вполне нормальная картина для сегодняшнего состояния Шараповой. Маша сейчас практически не имеет соревновательного опыта, отчего ее много лихорадит. Пока ей трудно играть стабильно, поэтому и матчи получаются противоречивыми. Сейчас у нее очень много ошибок как с задней линии, так и при подаче, тем не менее эти осечки оправданы.

- То есть Шарапова обречена рисковать, иначе лишиться своих козырей?

- Конечно. Если Маша будет перестраховываться - замедлять тем игры, ее тут же будут за это наказывать. Снизь Шарапова скорость полета мяча от себя, без сомнения, на данный момент она не добилась бы даже таких результатов. Пока быстрый полет мяча - ее единственное оружие на корте, поскольку передвижение по площадке, в силу недостаточной функциональной готовности, оставляет желать лучшего.

- Успеет ли Шарапова подойти в оптимальной форме к Уимблдону?

- Сложно сказать. Маша целенаправленно готовится к этому турниру и заметно прогрессирует. Уровень ее игры сейчас гораздо выше, нежели на "Ролан Гаррос", однако при этом, она еще далека от своего функционального пика. Тем не менее, списывать со счетов Шарапову не стоит. Если на Уимблдоне она будет стабильно подавать первым мячом с процентом точности 72-74, то станет опасным противником для любой теннисистки. Единственное, что может помешать Шараповой набрать форму - отсутствие достаточного времени для подготовки. В такой ситуации у Маши может не успеть адаптироваться нервная система.

- До конца ли Мария восстановилась после травмы? Подсознательно, наверняка, Шарапова будет беречь плечо?

- Что касается повреждения, то Маша уже никаких болевых ощущений не испытывает. Однако то, что она технически оберегает руку - факт несомненный. Шарапова стала несколько по-другому подавать и изменила стиль действий при игре справа. Вот это как раз скорее психологическая страховка, чем болевая. Тем не менее, я уверен данные метаморфозы не навсегда и если у Марии не случится рецидива, то на Уимблдоне мы изменений уже не заметим.

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Мыскина: ждать от Шараповой чудес на "Ролан Гаррос" не стоит
23.05.2009 02:30 | Чемпионат.ру

Чемпионка "Ролан Гаррос"-2004 Анастасия Мыскина считает, что вернувшаяся недавно на корт Мария Шарапова не будет претендовать в этом году на победу на "Ролан Гаррос".

"Заметно, что Мария не может нормально подавать, а ведь отличная подача была одним из еe главных козырей. Однако не одной подачей выигрываются матчи, тем более на грунте. Вон Лена Дементьева никогда не блистала в этом плане, однако сколького добилась. У Шараповой и других достоинств хватает - у неe мощный удар справа и слева, отличная игра на задней линии. На этом "Ролан Гаррос" ждать от неe чудес и борьбы за титул не стоит. Но чем больше турниров она будет играть, тем быстрее к ней вернутся уверенность и лучшая форма", - сказала Мыскина "Советскому спорту".

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Шарапова готовится к "Ролан Гарросу"

Every second is a lifetime. Don't waste your time or time will waste you.
Президент Федерации тенниса России Шамиль Тарпищев сообщил, что экс-первая ракетка мира россиянка Мария Шарапова готовится к "Ролан Гарросу".

- Буквально позавчера я говорил с ее отцом, и он рассказал мне, что Маша серьезно готовится к "Ролан Гаррос", - сказал Тарпищев на пресс-конференции в среду. - Она собирается сыграть на паре турниров перед Открытым чемпионатом Франции. Сейчас Мария тренируется в полном объеме. Нам остается только надеяться, что все у нее получится.

Отметим, что Открытый чемпионат Франции пройдет в Париже с 24 мая по 7 июня.

В одиночном турнире Шарапова из-за травмы плеча не выступает с августа прошлого года.

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Шарапова Инкорпорэйтед не сбавляет ход. Часть 2

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В рамках сотрудничества с wtatour.ru "Чемпионат.ру" публикует продолжение материала про Марию Шарапову, подготовленного участниками известного теннисного форума.

Ульрих Вон, президент североамериканского отделения фирмы Tag Heuer, которую представляют ещe три всемирно известных "посла" этой торговой марки, являющиеся предметом гордости - гольфист Тайгер Вудс, пилот "Формулы-1" Льюис Хэмилтон и актeр Леонардо Ди Каприо - говорит, что Шарапова рассказывает о том, что нужно брать от жизни всe и использовать предоставляющиеся шансы.

"То, что мы находим в Марии - это вдохновение, - сказал Вон. - Мария начинала как очень скромный новичок, и была способна расти".

"Настоящая" - ещe одно слово в словаре спонсоров Шараповой и еe агента, которым они широко пользуются. "Потребители, - доказывают они, - реагируют на неe, потому что она участвует в разработке дизайна рекламируемого товара, включая сумки от Cole Haan, теннисной одежды Nike и нового телефона Sony-Ericsson, планируемого к выпуску на прошлой неделе".

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Шарапова: "Призовые важны. Кризис"

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После 8-месячного перерыва Мария Шарапова вернулась на корт на турнире в Индиан-Уэллсе, для начала решив проверить свою боеготовность в паре с Весниной. Триумфальным камбэк не получился.

После 8-месячного простоя, связанного с травмой плеча, Мария Шарапова вернулась на корт на турнире в Индиан-Уэллсе – для начала, правда, ограничившись выступлением в парных соревнованиях вместе с Еленой Весниной. Однако дебют получился таким, что экс-первая ракетка мира теперь подумывает о пересмотре своего решения о выступлении в одиночных соревнованиях в Майами в конце марта. Пара Шарапова/Веснина в первом же круге проиграла российско-белорусскому дуэту Макарова/Пучек.

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Шарапова продолжает зарабатывать лицом

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Российская теннисистка Мария Шарапова, которая сейчас продолжает восстанавливаться от травмы плеча, стала лицом популярного американского бренда "Cole Haan", являющегося подразделением спортивного концерна "Nike". Сообщается, что обладательница трeх титулов турниров "Большого Шлема" станет лицом коллекции "Весна-2009".

- Это был первый раз, когда спортсмен становится и лицом "Nike", и нашим лицом одновременно, - рассказал директор по маркетингу "Cole Haan" Майкл Каписаро, - Мы готовы использовать интерес Марии к спорту и моде, чтобы она сливалась с нашими потребителями таким уникальным способом.

- "Cole Haan" доказывает, что мода и новые технологии могут шагать вместе. Он меняет мнение женщин о спортивной одежде, - призналась 21-летняя теннисистка.

Напоминаем, из-за травмы правого плеча Шарапова пропустила Олимпийские Игры в Пекине, Открытый чемпионат США, Итоговый турнир, а также "Australian Open". Из-за столь долгого отсутствия некогда первая ракетка мира опустилась на 17-ую строчку рейтинга WTA.

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Шарапова начнет новую жизнь

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Уже через две недели экс-первая ракетка мира Мария Шарапова, которая в марте после 7-месячного перерыва намерена возобновить свои выступления, впервые за пять лет рискует оказаться за пределами первой двадцатки рейтинга WTA Tour.

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In a statement today, the Hong Kong Tennis Patrons' Association announced the withdrawal of Maria Sharapova from the Hong Kong event.

Sharapova has reluctantly withdrawn, as full recovery from a shoulder injury has allowed her to only start hitting balls just over two weeks ago. She's playing but has not had sufficient training to compete at the high level that Hong Kong demands. Maria announced:

"It's with much disappointment that I have to withdraw from Hong Kong. I've been using this event for the last five years to get match fit and ready for the new season, in fact Hong Kong has been successful in preparing me for the Australian Open. I am very sorry I won't be competing, and I deeply apologise to my fans and the sponsors that they won't see me there this year. I'm just not ready to play against the top class competition in Hong Kong, although I remain hopeful for Australia where I'm the defending champion. Believe me, it's been a very difficult decision, but I only started practicing 16 days ago. I love playing in Hong Kong, and the Organisers attract a world class field."

Max Eisenbud, Maria's agent at IMG commented, "I know how difficult this decision has been for Maria. Hong Kong is a special event for her, she's been competing there since she was 15yrs old and the event staff and team are like family, and there has been no better place to prepare for a Grand Slam. Maria needs to get "tennis fit" now and she's working hard."

Co-Tournament Director in Hong Kong, Mr. Terry Catton said, "We're hugely disappointed, who wouldn't be, but we've known Maria for over five years and we know what a tough competitor she is. She wouldn't give up her spot in Hong Kong lightly and we are terribly sad for her. We're particularly disappointed for our sponsors, our fans and all our different partners but we welcome Maria's comments about Hong Kong, we wish her well for the season and look forward to welcoming her back another year. Tennis needs a fit and competitive Maria."

The Tennis Patrons' Association will replace her with world class Russian, Anna Chakvetadze. Anna is currently World No 18 and came to Hong Kong for the first time in 2008. She has a career high ranking of No. 5, which she achieved last year, and Anna's presence will continue to make Team Russia a powerful contender for the JB Gold Group crown. Replacing Maria as Team Russia's Captain will be World No. 7, Vera Zvonareva.

Organisers also revealed that they were in discussions with Martina Hingis, former World No. 1 in both Singles and Doubles, to come to the JB Group Classic to compete in the Doubles Event for Team Europe.

The JB Group Classic is a world team event featuring Europe, Russia, Team Americas and Asia Pacific. Heading up these teams are World No 1 Jelena Jankovic, Wimbledon Champion Venus Williams and crowd favourite Zheng Jie from China. A total of 12 players make up a star-studded field.

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It's official. Maria is the most searched athlete on Yahoo. Yahoo has published their annual list of most searched athletes and Maria comes in at #1. Maria is the only tennis player in the top 10.

Here is the top 10 list:
1. Maria Sharapova
2. Gina Carano
3. Danica Patrick
4. Cristiano Ronaldo
5. Amanda Beard
6. Michael Phelps
7. Kimbo Slice
8. Leryn Franco
9. Natalie Gulbis
10. David Beckham

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Мария Шарапова: «Это будет первый турнир «Большого шлема», который я пропущу»
02.08.2008 02:50 | Sports.ru

Третья ракетка мира россиянка Мария Шарапова рассказала об итогах обследования травмированного плеча, из-за которого она будет вынуждена пропустить не только Олимпиаду, но и US Open.

«Доктор Алтчек считает, что операция не нужна, он направляет меня к специалисту по физиотерапии, которую я начну проходить со следующей недели. Он говорит, что я смогу играть через два-три месяца. Доктор посмотрел все мои тесты и проинформировал меня, что я играю с надрывом сухожилия с апреля. Он просто поверить не мог, что я столько времени играла с травмой. Как вы понимаете, меня не порадовал тот факт, что моя медицинская команда не обнаружила этот надрыв тогда, в апреле. Хорошая новость состоит в том, что состояние плеча не сильно ухудшилось с тех пор, но ведь мы могли бы начать лечение еще тогда, а не сейчас. Мне надо оставаться позитивной и двигаться вперед. Я собираюсь серьезно заняться своим здоровьем. Когда я поправлюсь, я найду что-нибудь положительное в этой ситуации, а сейчас мне очень обидно пропускать Олимпиаду и Открытый чемпионат США. Это, кажется, вообще первый турнир «Большого шлема», который я пропущу», – цитирует слова Шараповой Reuters

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Шарапова сыграет на Уимблдоне в шортах
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Россиянка Мария Шарапова впервые в своей карьере проведет турнир "Большого шлема" в шортах, передает AFP.

Этот вид спортивной формы она выбрала для Уимблдона, который стартует 23 июня. По словам Шараповой, ее костюм, напоминающий мужской смокинг, будет отвечать классическим традициям, принятым на Уимблдоне.

"Хотите верьте, хотите - нет, но я буду играть в обычных шортах. Никогда я не использовала эту форму одежды на турнирах "Большого шлема", но пусть будет немного новизны. Мой костюм будет немного похож на смокинг - такие же простые и строгие линии, классика", - сказала Шарапова, которая один из предыдущих розыгрышей Уимблдона провела в инкрустированных драгоценными камнями кроссовках.

Напомним, что Мария Шарапова выигрывала Уимблдон в 2004 году. В нынешнем году она начнет турнир матчем с француженкой Стефани Форетц.

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Маша будет носить серьги Тиффани и платье Тиффани во время РГ

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Tiffany & Co. today announced that Maria Sharapova, the world's top-ranked player in women's tennis, will wear Tiffany designer Elsa Peretti's Wave earrings in 18K gold at the French Open, May 25-June 8, at the Roland Garros stadium in Paris.

In addition to the jewelry, Tiffany will accessorize Ms. Sharapova's custom French Open tennis dress. The "Paris dress," by Nike is a 1920s-inspired design that reflects her dynamic sense of style. Designed in collaboration with Ms. Sharapova, the performance Dri-Fit dress is dark obsidian blue with contrasting chalk white satin ribbons and double layered pleated skirt. The elegant, ultra-light creation is finished with a luminous Tiffany pearl button closure that fastens at the back of the dress.

"Maria Sharapova is a longtime friend of Tiffany and a champion on and off the court," said Linda Buckley, vice president, worldwide public relations. "It gives us great pleasure to accent her on-court look with earrings that epitomize both the quality of her championship play and Tiffany's reputation for design excellence."

The partnership between Ms. Sharapova and Tiffany & Co. will extend for the next two years and will cover the four Grand Slam Tennis events: The French Open, Wimbledon, and the US and Australian Open. During each event, Ms. Sharapova will wear Tiffany earrings that will be sold at Tiffany & Co. stores around the world. The group of earrings, Tiffany for Maria Sharapova, will give customers and fans alike easy access to the jewelry worn by the three-time Grand Slam winner.

Tiffany for Maria Sharapova reflects the movement and elegance of line that characterize the Tiffany jewelry Ms. Sharapova has previously worn on the court, as well as her natural style and grace. Elsa Peretti's Wave earrings that she the will wear in the French Open capture these qualities, along with a sculptural, organic beauty that creates volume and striking allure without adding weight.

"I am very excited about Tiffany for Maria Sharapova and to partner with my favorite jeweler," Ms. Sharapova said. "Elsa Peretti's earrings feel as beautiful as they look and I am thrilled to wear them at the French Open."

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Шарапова гуляла с человеком-пауком

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Maria's Training Tips

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Маша на обложке "Ocean Drive"

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

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