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Hi everyone!

On my way to Thailand! Was actually supposed to be there already but got a cold a few days ago so had to delay the trip a day.

Personally there's nothing worse than being stuck to the bed for 2 days. Its soo boring! At least I got to go through all these amazing illustration books I got for xmas...the history of Lanvin and Alber Elbaz was one of my favorites. He's certainly one of the most creative and brilliant designers out there. I'm also geared up to watch Valentino's documentary which was a nice little last minute arrival from Santa before the flight.

Wait a minute, did the captain really just say the flying time is 17.5h hours? I think I might need a few more documentaries than one!

Speaking of xmas, Santa certainly didn't disappoint! At all! As a matter of fact he happens to have very good taste! But I am glad the Holidays are over...there is only so much jingle bell songs I can take. And if you live in the States all the decoration and festive begin in the middle of November which is way too early and exaggerated in my opinion but of course it gets you excited.

Anyways my off season has been really good! I'm definitely excited to get back out there and play again. My arm has been feeling really strong and I'm finally going to have a consistent physical therapist next year. He's been part of my team in the last couple years but only part time.

Well that's all I've got for now!

Wishing everyone a Happy and Successful New Year.

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Машин дневник

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

Hi everyone! On the plane heading back home...I was definitely mistaken when I thought that South America was just a hop, skip and a jump from the States. Oh no...more like planes, trains and automobiles!

Good thing is that I'm on the last leg of the journey!

The trip went really well, although Gisela and I were glad there wasn't a third event...3 in 3 different countries would have been too much. I was pretty amazed at how organized and well run everything was...the match in Brazil was played at a beautiful resort about an hour and half outside of Sao Paulo. They built this incredible indoor court for mainly VIP's of the resorts owner...I kept saying they built this whole arena just for a tennis match!? Those are the moments when I have to pinch myself.

Surface was a little rough but all in all pretty spectacular. We also got a police escort from the airport which looked something out of a Bond movie...it was actually the first time that Michael would have prefered a helicopter...and that's saying a lot!!

The match in Chile was open to the public and we had a full house in a court that was built in the middle of the park...it was our first match of the season so Gisela and I were quite excited to play in front of an enthusiastic crowd.

The highlight of the trip...yep you knew it was coming....wait for it...the food!! I would kill for a good recipe for that cheese bread (Gisela promised to bring me her recipe to Hong Kong) and that thinly sliced meat off the grill!

And unlike in the States, the portions are not humongous, so you don't feel like you ate for 2 after every meal (which of course Mike and Max were not very happy with...God forbid they skip a meal). Michael was missing in the stands during the Brazil match... We decided it was best not to ask questions but we did find an empty plate of cheese bread in the waiting room which was not so empty when we left to play the match...whoopsies!

Some random notes:

So there I am reading the new book by Dan Brown 'Lost Symbol' as I was getting treatment after one of my matches in Japan...all of a sudden my name...not Maria but Maria Sharapova is in the book ...around page 74! Almost fell off the table!!

After Japan and China, I went to Napa for a week. One of the best vacations ever! It was all planned last minute and I dragged all my girlfriends out of their daily activities and we had such a good time. There is a restaurant there called the French Laundry which everyone has been raving to me about over the years...not only did we get a reservation but we got a tour of the kitchen....4 hours and 20 pounds later we rolled out of there like a sourdough bread roll!! We went to a place where you pour your own olive oil into glass canters, picnicked at one of the most beautiful vineyards Quintessa, and had endless conversations in our outdoor living room looking out into the wild...so relaxing!!

The U2 concert a few weeks ago was one of the coolest performances anyone will ever get to see...they are simply amazing!

Well its Christmas time again...and my room is a total upside down workshop. The massage table is now used as a wrapping table. The night stands are card holders. The bathroom has become a fed ex office. Its quite a scene!

Anyways I wish everyone a Happy Holiday season full of many great memories, laughs, and of course great presents!!

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Всем привет! Вчера вечером прилетела в Токио и с нетерпением жду того, чтобы сыграть на двух своих последних турнирах в этом году!! У меня было 3 хороших успешных недели тренировок и я готова к тому, чтобы уже выйти на корт.

С трудом верится, что я не была здесь 2 года. Как такое могло быть?! Не перестаю восхищаться этой страной! Каждый раз думаешь, что лучших туалетов уже просто не может быть, и каждый раз они придумывают что-то новое! Хаха.

Только вернулась с пробежки в парке, где встретила группу из 20 детишек, которые были явно поражены моим ростом. Я плохо знаю японский (вообще-то совсем не знаю), но я, кажется, слышала, как они говорили: "Ничего себе, великанша!" Было смешно.

Сейчас отправляюсь на тренировку, но просто хотела сказать вам, что у меня всё хорошо! Да, и сегодня вечером мы будем представлять коллекцию Cole Haan. Она поступила в продажу в местные магазины неделю назад. А в Штатах одни из моих туфель заняли первое место по продажам среди всей обуви Cole Haan. Здорово!! Хотя снова вернуться на первое место в рейтинге было бы еще лучше!!:)

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Hello Hello!

Summer has finally arrived and I can't tell you how much I love this time of year. Well maybe not the 115 degree weather that I was in a couple weeks ago in Scottsdale, but overall I like everything about it. Everyone is outside enjoying the summer... speaking of which, not sure what's going on but there's a huge baby boom in MB....every woman is either pregnant or wheeling around a baby.

I have been training quite a bit in the last couple of weeks, trying to build a good base for the summer, especially my strength and conditioning. I usually never like to do running/sprint workouts but I'm actually learning to appreciate them. The worst part about them is that there's no way to make it easier, especially when you have a heart rate monitor, which sadly never lies.

Apart from working, I took a 2 day trip to Lake Arrowhead last weekend...it is such an oasis up there...I don't do anything but read (my latest book was The White Tiger by Aravind Adiga, really recommend it), ride around on the boat and listen to Madonna in full blast. I even tried fishing this time, which I learned is a total bore.|

My collection for Cole Haan is coming out end of August and I cannot wait to see it in stores! It's so strange to see something that has been worked on for the whole year, to be finally hitting stores in less than a month. The response from magazine editors has been really positive. The first collection is not too big...only 2 pairs of heels (one which I have already worn to a couple events), 3 boots (the over the knee boot is my fave), and ballet flats in great colors. There are a few different bags as well! (The Hobo is so cool!!) Can you tell how excited I am!! I am writing this as I'm sitting at my fave hole in the wall reflexology place after a long day of practice....why are those types of places always the best!?

Anyways I have a World Team Tennis match coming up in a few days...those are always very fun and entertaining! I never forget how much experience I gained from playing all those matches when I was younger. Oh I've also been meaning to tell you guys how awesome it was to meet Frank Gehry and work on my earrings for the US Open. He has been one of my all time favorite architects and I was so excited when he started making jewelry for Tiffany. I ended up going to his studio a few months ago which was completely surreal! He showed me around all the different sections of his studio, not to mention there were about a 100 of different projects he was working on at the same time! Those are the days where I just have to pinch myself to make sure it's not a dream. Alrighty I'm done with my treatment and headed home for a nice home cooked meal and some good quality mattress time!

Oh and check out my friends new show www.directv.com/thewanted .....I can't wait to watch it with popcorn in hand!!

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We arrived to Paris last night, and it still amazes me how beautiful it is here every single time I arrive.
I am really happy with the way things went last week in Warsaw. Obviously I would like to win every single tournament I play, but to be able to finally compete in a tournament after so many months was just amazing.
The food was fantastic and who would have thought Warsaw is the new Beverly Hills in the paparazzi department!
Anyways I just wanted to send you a quick a hello....
I cannot wait to wear my new dress on court here...it is one of my all time faves! And of course the Tiffany earings...so beautiful! Only hint I can give, is that the color theme is different shades of blue.
I took a day off today, but currently doing my shoulder exercises! Shouldn't really be typing this right now haha.
Take Care!!

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I know it has been a long time, but I wanted my next doodle to be the one my fans were waiting for. I am very happy to report that I will make my singles return to the tour in Warsaw, Poland, the week of May 18. Although it has not been an easy process these last few months, I really believe it's made me a much stronger person in so many areas of my life professionally and personally. There are so many things you learn while you are limited to something you love doing. One of those things is patience, not my best virtue, but certainly one of my better ones now. Self belief...it's important to have a great team and family helping and encouraging you, but unless you are the one believing, it will not happen. My family and coach have been a tremendous part of this comeback, and I think it's important to acknowledge that without their drive, daily laughs, and endless belief in my ability, I would be sipping a pina colada on a deserted island (not that there's something wrong with that, but playing tennis is just so much more exciting at this stage of my life).

I want to thank all my die hard fans who never stopped believing in me....your letters and messages have been truly inspirational and something that I always looked back to when I had the low moments.

I know it is going to take me a while to get back into the groove of playing tournaments and matches, but I am so excited to be competing again.

On other notes...
My birthday was very low key this year (in terms of who knew about it J)but one of the best ones I've ever had. Full of surprises, friends and family, sunflowers, bonfires, yummy food, red velvet cake, spa treatments, and of course amaaazing presents!!

It's been an on going joke with my friend to answer the phone the day before, the day of, and the few hours after your actual birthday as something like this.....Happy Birthday To ME in Australia, Happy Birthday to Me in Europe, Happy Birthday to Me in Florida, and when it ends, Happy Birthday to Me in Hawaii. This is all considering you're in California. I know, so juvenile, but so much fun!

Apart from that and a shoot week about a month ago, I have been training quite a lot in Florida and as you may well know, there's not much to do here except train and cook. My cooking abilities have certainly risen in the last few months, and I actually find it quite therapeutic. For anyone that says cooking is hard...unless you're cooking in preparation for Russian Easter, where people start cooking the week before, it's actually pretty simple, considering you have decent math and cutting skills.

Speaking of food, I got the amazing opportunity to meet Jose Andres who is an internationally renowned chef from Spain. His restaurant Bazaar is one the best food experiences I've ever had in my life and highly recommend it for anyone in the LA area. He signed a kitchen copy of his cookbook Made in Spain for me and I must admit that was my first ever autograph from anyone. The recipes are brilliant and the tomato gazpacho is one of the best I've ever had...and my Spanish trainer agrees!

I am off to bed as it is past my bedtime but I hope this doodle puts as many smiles on your face, as it gave me to write it.

See you soon!!

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"С нетерпением жду возвращения на турнир!

*love me for me*
**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
Последние несколько недель я тренировалась во Флориде и работала очень упорно для восстановления руки. Просто удивительно, можно выполнить все упражнения и восстановительные процедуры в мире, но это не заменит времени, проведенного на корте, когда ты бегаешь и бьешь по мячу сотни раз. Самый главный урок, который я получила из всего этого - как много терпения необходимо для возвращения на тот уровень физической формы, который был раньше.Ты никогда не забудешь «как» бить по теннисному мячу, но ты забываешь как много работы и повторений должна провести каждый день для возвращения туда, где уже была когда-то. И единственный путь возвратиться к хорошей форме – через игру в теннис. К сожалению даже то, что врач устраняет проблему и дает тебе зеленый цвет для тренировок, не означает, что ты немедленно можешь выходить и участвовать в соревнованиях. Вчера я первый раз за последние примерно 6 месяцев разыграла несколько мячей со своей подачи и это было так здорово! Сейчас моя цель - Palm Springs или Miami, в зависимости от того, как будут складываться обстоятельства. С нетерпением жду возвращения и участия в соревнованиях.

Наконец я становлюсь нормальным поваром, правда это мало что значит, потому что кажется будешь хорошим поваром только когда станешь бабушкой. На прошлой неделе я думала, что мне наконец крупно повезло, когда я раздобыла суперлегкий рецепт приготовления мармелада. Маленькая проблема возникла после того, как я купила все необходимые ингредиенты за исключением яблочного пектина, которого просто нет в магазинах в радиусе 30 миль от Сарасоты ( они забыли написать, что найти один из ингредиентов почти невозможно). Я думала, что нашла подходящий заменитель, но 3 часа спустя обнаружила, что мой «подходящий заменитель» был фальшивый и мой мармелад никогда не застынет. Такой облом в конце.

Я принимала участие в фотосессии для SE в прошлый уикенд и вся моя команда, (гример, парикмахер, стилист и другие) собралась для приятного проведения выходных. В Сарасоте есть только одна студия и после каждой серии съемок ящики все больше заполнялись костюмами. Боюсь и думать о том, что там наснимали, но наша группа позволила себе поразвлечься и выходила в идиотских нарядах ( фото есть в фотоблоге... на самом деле те очки, которые на мне - мои, а не из кладовки. В них простые стекла и они совершенно дурацкие, но мне они нравятся).

У меня была замечательная возможность побывать в мысленном контакте с Дольчи. Хотя я и не понимаю его языка, могу почти гарантировать, что знаю когда он говорит: "ну когда же она уйдет?"

Никогда не думала, что скажу такое о Сарасоте, но это действительно хорошее место, замечательные маленькие бутики, рестораны и художественные галереи. Не знаю многие ли из вас живут в Сарасоте, но посетите Мозаику. Какой там мароканский кус-кус! Настоятельно рекомендую.

Какой хороший фильм Миллионер из трущоб! Я посмотрела его в День благодарения и думаю это блестящий фильм, так рада, что он вошел во все номинации, которые заслужил.
А какой замечательный саундтрек!

Пока у меня все!"

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Дневник: Не едит в Австралию!

**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
I am very very sad to report that I am just not ready to compete at the level required to win a Grand Slam. I have been working very hard over the past few weeks and my shoulder is doing great, but there is way more preparation and training needed to compete to win my fourth grand slam and I have just ran out of time. If they can move the Australian Open back another 3 weeks, I think I could be ready!! I have very mixed feelings, I am so disappointed and sad that I can't defend my title from last year and at the same time, I am so excited to be back on the tennis court training.

After spending a majority of the last few months in Phoenix/ Scottsdale, it's been nice to spend some time at home with a normal regime of waking up and going
to practice. I know that I'm working pretty hard when I need to take little power naps in between practices.

If I may say so myself, I was the official Santa Claus of 2008. I set up little worker shop in my hotel room in Phoenix and one at home for the weekends. I don't know how many presents I wrapped but I never thought I would come to a point when I didn't want to do it anymore. So that lead to a quick stop at Papyrus and a stack of Christmas bags. The shopping on the other hand, I never get tired of. I was helping out all of my guy friends and their shopping lists. Shopping with or around men is a nightmare to begin with, but during X-mas time its a complete disaster. They're constantly complaining about the prices at the checkout. Their go-to is usually gift certificates which I have a problem with because there is absolutely no thought or meaning behind it. Others just walk around the stores saying Bahh Humbaa..

My grandmother was in town for quite a bit which led to a few things...cooking and doing non-stop jigsaw puzzles. There is only one thing that separates my cooking and my grandmas. You see when she's in the kitchen it seems like no one is there. When I'm cooking, I let the whole world know! There's flour all over the kitchen counters and ten feet away on the floor, I call everyone to let them know I'm cooking, and I finish that off with a mass email to my friends with a picture of what I cooked. And its always around the time the cleaner comes in. I guess I'm also leaving out one minor difference between the two: her tastes A LOT better.

Quote goes to Natalie when the paparazzi were following us around in NY. 'Do they always make conversation with you like that?' Yep, there's a very open dialogue when they're snapping your picture and no it's not normal.

As far as music I have a new favorite..Michael Franti...you have to check out his songs 'Say Hey' and 'Never Too Late'. The Killers new album is amazing! Song four is my fave on the album.

On another note, I wanted to let everyone know that I started working with a new Nike design team end of last year and have been working very hard on this years dresses. I cannot wait to play in them and unfortunately will have to debut the Australian dress a little later. There will be six of them altogether, changing colors in between the grand slams. The color palette is stunning and starting in 2010 you will see some really cool graphics.

I want to thank all my fans for their support, especially all my fans in Australia, I promise I will be there next year.

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Дневник Маши

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Well my 24 hour medical tour came to an end yesterday after I met with Dr. David Altchek who is the premier shoulder doctor in the world. He looked at all my tests from April and today and informed me that I have been playing with a moderate tear in my rotator cuff tendon since April. He actually couldn't believe that I've been playing this long with this injury. You can imagine that I was not very thrilled to hear that my medical team did not see this tear in my shoulder back in April.

The good news is that it didn't get much worse since April but we could have started the healing time back then instead of now.

He does not believe that I need surgery and is sending me to work with a specialist in Arizona next week to do extensive rehab and strength work and he believes that I should be ready to play in 2-3 months. It hurts me so much to miss the Olympics and the US Open, you have no idea, just to type those words hurt!! I think this will be the first grand slam I have ever missed.

Now I need to move forward and stay positive. I am going to work hard to get healthy. I am going to do some extra work for my amazing sponsors who are always patient with me while I am playing tournaments and training. And I'm going to work on some business projects that I never have time to do, which will definitely keep me busy.

Once I'm healthy, I'm sure I'll look at this as a blessing in disguise. Right now it's a bit painful of course, but every athlete goes through these patches and I'm just grateful that this isn't as bad as it could have been.

I can't tell you how much I appreciate all of your support. Will give you another update in a week or so....

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**
After yesterdays match I knew there was something seriously wrong with my shoulder. After taking a few different exams and MRI's this morning, the doctors found two small tears in the tendons of my shoulder. There are so many mixed feelings because last night they were almost positive there was something wrong with my nerve which could have ultimately been much more serious but after the tests this morning, for the first time in a while, they were able to give me a different answer and a different problem. But on the other hand this is something that needs a lot of time to heal, which really hurts me to say that I have to miss the Olympics.
I'm currently packing up really quick to hop on the plane and head to NY for a second opinion but I wanted to let all of you know first that there's no chance of me competing in Beijing. The timing is so unfortunate and this makes me more sad than anything.
I will keep everyone updated once I get a clear picture of what the next plan is...

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**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**


**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**


**but i'm a supergirl and supergirls don't cry**

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